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June 24, 2019

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Ways to maintain a to-do list

May 4, 2019



In this fast-paced world, everyone is multitasking throughout the day in order to finish all of their tasks, both at home and at work. We often end up with a whole list of tasks pending or partially incomplete at the end of the day as we mismanage our time.

An important aspect of time management is making organized, easily accessible to-do lists which act as a reminder of everything you are supposed to do during the day.


The main thing to remember with to-do lists is that they must be used correctly. If not structured properly, the list shall only make you more unfocused. Whereas, if they are used effectively, such lists transform you into an organized and reliable person who can efficiently prioritize his tasks and contribute more to a team.


Listed below are a few places where you can maintain your to-do lists:

1. WhatsApp:
Make a WhatsApp group with a friend and then pin this group so that it always appears at the top of your chats. Remove the friend so that only you are left in this group. This virtually allows you to chat with yourself and you can note down all your tasks here. Go ahead and make multiple groups, one each for home, work and for anything else you might need it for.
The main advantage is that these are readily accessible, act as constant reminders every time you open WhatsApp.

2. Task Manager Apps:
You could find innumerable apps which allow you to list your tasks, create calendars and even set reminders. Apps such as Trello and ToodleDo offer a wide range of features, designed to help you organize your life.
The only negative point here is that these are often paid apps while something like WhatsApp is completely free.

3. Diary:
Plain old pen and paper is always an option, especially if your main purpose for a to-do list is organizing your work load. Carry a diary around so that you can not only list the work pending but also draw any ideas you have for the same. This might prove to be the best option for creative people such as coders, content writers and designers.

At CoKarya, we have always said that our customers should focus solely on their business and leave the rest to us. We come up with these tips so that they can benefit from it and learn something new. These to-do lists could be another step in helping you become more focused on your profession, so do try these out!

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