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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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The perfect posture

December 29, 2018

For a majority of co-workers, their job requires them to be in the office and on their laptops for over 8 hours a day.

A bad posture during these long hours can affect ones back adversely.


To avoid negative repercussions, we have a compiled a list of simple recommendations one should follow in regards to their posture and basic fitness:



  1. Sit up straight with upright shoulders and keep your hips supported against the chair.



  2. Optimize the chair height and position to ensure that you do not slump your neck.


  3. A foam roller or a neck pillow can also go a long way while sitting and working. These help to relieve stress from the muscles by applying optimum pressure in the correct manner.

  4. A power walk can do wonders in terms of muscle mobility. For example, one could simply walk briskly every time they are on a phone call in the office instead of sitting and speaking.

  5. A few yoga poses can stretch and strengthen the back muscles. A fifteen to twenty minute break in the middle or at the start of the day could be utilized for this purpose. Alternatively, simple exercises which do not require any equipment such as push ups and squats can also help maintain fitness.



  6. Laptop Stands: A major trend in the recent years has been the concept of a laptop stands. Researchers have been unable to come to a conclusion as to its usefulness because although it helps one keep muscles stronger and burns more calories, standing for long periods have negative effects on the focus and overall energy of the person. Hence, when working for short periods of time (for example, to create a five-slide presentation), standing desks might be an alternative to the traditional desks.


    To conclude, maintaining the correct posture is simple but utterly neglected. All you need to do is get into a habit. At CoKarya, we ensure that we keep reminding our co-workers of what’s best for them!