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June 24, 2019

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Coworking is not just for freelancers and start-ups!

January 12, 2019


When one thinks of a coworking place, they usually picture a space full of freelancers, start-ups and small companies. While this is a common perception, it is not the reality. Big corporate houses have often had teams stationed in coworking places and they have many arguments to support this unconventional choice:



1. Ease of access to fresh talent:

The majority of the population of a coworking place are innovators - young men and women who have come up with innovative ideas and these innovations may prove to be extremely beneficial for corporate companies. Plus, they get direct access to professionals providing various business solutions.


2. Hassle Free:

Corporates can avoid the hassle of renting a space, recruiting maintenance staff, buying furniture and providing other utilities by simply renting out seats in a coworking place and just making one fixed monthly payment. Space shall provide all other amenities and ensure proper care of the employees.


3. One can recruit from diverse geographic locations:

Many companies across the world are providing employees with a choice to work in a coworking place because small teams can then operate in far-flung places with great convenience wasting no time on the commute and other avoidable issues.


4. Creativity booster:

Coworking spaces first got famous due to this very reason. The environment of these spaces is very different to a traditional office, the open and collaborative setting fuels creativity and productivity and proves to be a catalyst in the growth of the company and its employees.


5. Cost Effective:

Coworking spaces help corporates save quite a bit of money if one accounts for all the minute costs that a company would have to bare along with the rent in case they choose to work from a traditional office space.

For example, if a company sets up an office, it shall pay for electricity, furniture, coffee machines and microwaves and much more along with the rent whereas co-working shall only charge a fixed rent more or less similar to what they would pay for an office and the rest would be for free.


6. Flexibility:

The number of seats you occupy in a co-working place and the time you occupy it for is extremely flexible. You can expand your team at affordable costs while in the normal office if you exceed capacity then looking for a new place proves quite expensive.


7. Facilitates Expansion:

Larger organizations looking to expand into a new market often use coworking to assist in that leap. These large firms will make a temporary headquarters using coworking and focus on growth, leaving the minutiae of setting up an office to the coworking company.



Today’s professional coworking sites attract a diverse array of companies and individuals as members. Most also provide chic environments with such amenities as 24/7 access, custom coffees and teas, high-end furnishings, social and networking events, learning opportunities and much more. As these alternative work settings have matured, they've begun to attract large enterprise clients who see these spaces as a solution to some of the tough challenges they face.


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