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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Coworking - Breaking down walls

February 4, 2019


An office has traditionally been four walls with a team of employees working within them.


Coworking is the force that is breaking these very walls to create one community of professionals, working in harmony, not only with employees of their own company but also with people of all other fields. The trend is visible not just in Kolkata, but throughout India.


Every company nowadays needs access to a variety of professional help ranging from financial services to marketing services. Breaking down barriers of a traditional office, a coworking space is where one finds experts from many of these fields- ones who are easily approachable, thanks to the facility. On the contrary, in case of a walled office, one has to usually follow a formal route and go through multiple delays in appointing such personnel. However, in case of a shared office space, they might just be sitting next to you.


Breaking down walls is the norm of the modern era for we have realized that openness sheds a new light showing us many new opportunities. For example, as a professional, you may have never thought of a certain population set as a client base but maybe your coworker gets you access to them or maybe your company is on the lookout for a service provider and you find a reliable person right next to you.


The concept that we are developing is not new- humankind understood its necessity decades ago- we are just one of the many who are applying it in a new field. That is exactly why one shall find that each CoKarya space in Kolkata has a majority space allotted to an open area. With no walls and nothing secluding one coworker from another, we believe that CoKarya is trying its best to create establishments which encourage coworking in its true spirit.

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