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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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How to write a mission statement

August 3, 2019


Let us first clarify what a mission statement is all about. The mission statement intends to summarize everything someone should know about a business without having to do extensive research about it. Have you ever wondered what a company does or have you ever thought about investing in a company but were unable to understand its business model? This is when a well-crafted mission statement can prove useful to you and can help the company earn an investment or at least a new customer.   

It is also an essential tool when it comes to keeping your team inspired and working towards a very clearly defined goal. All these may make the document sound very complicated but in reality, it is quite simple to create, as long as you keep in mind a few pointers:

1. Define your company’s purpose:
There’s no need to sound fancy. Simply specify the major services or products offered by your company. You need to break down your model to the very essentials because you never know which word may strike a chord with the customer.


2. State what motivates you:
Behind every business is a story of how the founder decided to go ahead with it. The venture may have been born out of a passion for the field or simply because the founder saw a chance to open a profitable business. The customers like to know that the brand they are trusting operates with motives much deeper than simply making money – it helps them connect with the brand and build long-lasting relationships.

3. What is in it for the owners and employees:
This is where the focus must shift from wooing prospective customers to keeping your team motivated. It really makes a difference if the company’s mission statement speaks about how they focus on employee well-being.

4. Proofread:
Every teacher has told you to re-read your answer sheet before submission. Consider this to be the answer sheet for an exam every customer shall take from your company. Make sure you have put in the necessary keywords and covered all the important sub-topics.

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