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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Learning through Podcasts

July 24, 2019

 The race to make money has left most millennials with no time to spend on the little things in life. By this we mean to say that everyone needs to dedicate some time every day in which they focus on self-improvement and self-evaluation. We often hear from people that they do not have time to read books or watch motivational videos and this is why this blog provides a solution which takes up no time and can be enjoyed on the go!

Allow us to introduce you to the world of Podcasts! These are digital audio files which contain a range of content probably as diverse as a collection of books. What we are recommending here is to listen to motivational and value-providing podcasts which speak about problem-solving techniques, the journeys of many successful people and much more!


Listed below are a few brilliant podcasts which you could hear on your daily commute, while taking a break from work or whenever your mind is not otherwise occupied:

This podcast lives by only one mantra – no two episodes shall be similar. They bring in a new entrepreneur to interview every single time and the variety of content you shall find here is simply overwhelming.


A podcast with only one purpose – showing the world that millennials are not entitled and flaky, rather they tend to be incredibly focused and dedicated. To prove this, every week they bring in a millennial who has shown that success can be achieved as long as you have a sense of purpose and clarity in your mind.


The podcast features corporate leaders and company founders who narrate the story of how their company grew to become what it is now – the ups, the downs and the days when everything felt stagnant.


This focuses on the symbolic relationship between man and technology through real-life stories and recent events, 


We understand that most of our members are too busy with work and family to find time for other things. We see it in the facilities of CoKarya itself with barely anyone picking up a book during their breaks. This is why we feel podcasts could be successful in penetrating a wider audience base as they do not require people to dedicate a separate time slot or stop any other physical activity they are engrossed in.

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