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June 24, 2019

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How to find your co-founder?

July 17, 2019

Are you among the millions who dream to become an entrepreneur some day? Or have you made it to the next stage and became one of the thousands who have actually come up with an idea and a business plan. If you have an idea ready, it is probably time for you to set out on the arduous path of becoming an entrepreneur. This journey is not one on which someone usually travels alone - you need someone to support you and walk alongside you, that is, it’s time to find your co-founder.


You could meet your co-founder in a lot of places. He might be the person you sit next to in class or the one who partners up with you during college events and fests. A co-founder might just be found in a sibling or a cousin. You might even find him in the form of a coworker or in your childhood best friend. This said, now let’s focus on what you should look for in a suitable co-founder:

1. The correct skill set:
Every business needs its founders to be good at the basics such as operations, finances and marketing. Look for someone who is good at things which are not within your field of expertise and form a formidable pair.


2. Character:
Your wavelength with your co-founder must match. He should be someone who shall work just as hard as you and be just as motivated. Plus, he needs to have the right attitude and you need to gel together well with him.


3. Experience:
Everyone knows that opening a venture is an educational journey as well. One learns a lot of new things but there isn’t time for the founders to learn everything they need to run a business. They must already have experience about some of the aspects so that they don’t end up making too many mistakes.


One of the best comparisons in choosing the right co-founder is given by Alex Negrea, CTO of Appsulate:


“Co-founders are like marriage. Before you marry you need to be completely sure not to have reserves. You need to feel like you want to spend the next possibly 5-7 years with this person. If the answer to that question is "I'm not ready" then don't do it, find someone else, because in a startup there will be plenty of bad situations or things that can go wrong, so if you don't make a good team together from the beginning the fort will fall.”

The team at CoKarya realizes how important a decision this is. We also know that many freelancers and corporate employees working out of the same space have found co-founders in one another. This is why we encourage mixing events where like-minded people can interact and maybe even come up with the plan for their next venture.

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