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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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What makes a good pitch deck?

July 12, 2019


It is widely believed that this is a time when innovation is highly encouraged with investors willing to put in millions of dollars across multiple start-ups as long as they get to be a part of this modern revolution. This said, thousands of start-ups are always on the look-out for prospective investors and the competition is immense.

Keeping this in mind, an entrepreneur has to not only ensure that his venture is unique but also make sure that he can convey its uniqueness to the right people. When it comes to pitching something to investors, the pitch deck is what needs to set you apart and make sure that they remember you even if they do not immediately give you their money.


Doing a little research about the initial pitch decks of companies which have now become worth billions can definitely help you get some inspiration for when you make your own deck.

Listed below are a few companies whose pitch decks we found really interesting and the things which made them worth a read*:

1. AirBnB:
AirBnb chose to be ambitious and projected a 200 million dollar revenue within a couple of years along with a target market worth over 2 billion dollars. They kept their list of statistics to the essentials and presented the entire thing with lots of flair. The result was genuine excitement about their product and that was what they had aimed for.

2. Tinder:
Tinder gained fame for doing everything differently when compared to any other dating app. In their pitch deck also, they knew exactly which point to highlight. They showed that tinder was a way to avoid the fear of rejection as it only let people chat if they had liked each other.

3. BuzzFeed:
The digital media company had their research game on point and it showed in their pitch deck. The entire deck was nothing but simple slides brimming with cold hard facts. This must have been the perfect formula for they are now nearing a billion-dollar valuation and have grown into the biggest giant in their field.

4. YouTube:
YouTube went the truly traditional way when it came to making a pitch deck. They listed out the mission and vision, how they planned to become number 1 and exactly what problems they were offering a solution to.


At CoKarya, we understand that there are a lot of start-ups who might be doing well but need that monetary boost to truly realize their vision. This is why we encourage our members to gather advice and information from all their coworkers and use each other’s networks. This is what Coworking has always been about and we just want to stick to the core concept which attracted people to this field.


*(All of these are available publicly, so feel free to do a google search for the entire documents)

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