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June 24, 2019

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Music and work

June 25, 2019

Beethoven used to say that music is a force powerful enough to change the world. Researchers have understood the true power of music over the years. It affects the brain at many levels, some of which are clearly understandable but the rest are much more complex.


We have listed below a number of ways in which playing suitable music in a work space can enhance the performance of all the coworkers working out of a space:

  1. Music boosts the morale:
    Music tends to make people happy and motivated, especially when it is a Monday afternoon and you can barely be motivated enough to work through the day. It uplifts the spirit and gets the team working.

  2. It jogs your creativity:
    Listening to music can really help an artistic mind come up with better content. It helps people focus on the task at hand. Plus, the lyrics might help a writer or the emotions might help a painter.

  3. It boosts energy levels:
    Music in a gym has shown to make people work out harder. An upbeat song could do the same as far as working in an office is concerned.

  4. It can be an escape:
    Whilst some may think that headphones in the office are a distraction from work, office conversations are much more likely to prevent colleagues from getting on with their work.Putting on some music and escaping into your own zone can really help with the work.

It is a popular saying that music is the way to reach one’s soul. At CoKarya, we believe in doing whatever we can to help our coworkers focus on their work. For this, we have kept books and set up break rooms so that people can clear their heads and get to the work at hand after a small break.

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