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June 24, 2019

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Number of hours a person should work in a week

June 19, 2019


Whenever we evaluate the performance or dedication of a team, we should keep in mind one particular line, “It is the work which counts, not the hours”.


Most companies in the modern world end up making their employees work very long hours on a regular basis because they believe that this will help the company prosper. The employees put up with it because the rat race is such that if they won’t do something, someone else surely will. Plus, the employees work out of the fear of losing their jobs or maybe in the hope of some added incentives.


What people fail to realize is that a law similar to the law of diminishing marginal productivity applies in this case. Beyond a certain number of hours, the additional contribution made by a worker actually becomes negative. The people become tired and de-motivated which leads to a fall in the quality of work. Also, the health of an employee seriously deteriorates if they regularly work for long hours in the office as they end up with a lot of stress and little social life.

Japanese corporations faced a major issue recently because their culture was such that every employee felt guilty if they simply worked the standard 8 or 9 hours a day. Also, they barely took any leaves and all of this was taking a toll on them. This led to worldwide research regarding to an optimum number of hours for employees per week.


Studies revealed that people should work 40-45 hours per week to get the best hourly productivity and contribution actually becomes negative after about 55 hours a week. Some companies in New Zealand and Canada have also tested 4 day work weeks and their research shows positive signs with no fall in overall productivity and rise in employee happiness.

At CoKarya, we believe in doing our part in improving the experience for our coworkers. We provide all sorts of technology to make work quicker and all possible comforts to make their office feel homely. Coworking in itself is believed to really help productivity as it is a more relaxed and modern approach to the office environment.

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