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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Motivating your workforce

June 18, 2019


“Productivity is never an accident, it is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort ”

A company prospers only when its management keeps in mind the golden words of Paul Meyer as quoted above and uses the same to get the best out of their employees.


Below are some key tactics to keep your employees motivated — whether it’s enticing them to stay with you for the long haul or getting them to work hard for the organization’s goals.


1. Make your business a pleasant place to be:

The office needs to be aesthetically pleasing with plenty of sunlight and a design which makes it both functional and fun. Decorating it with fancy furniture, modern artwork and adding some greenery could completely change the vibe of the place.


2. Offer employee rewards:

Employees need to be rewarded and nothing is appreciated as much as a bonus which they believe they earned. Making provisions for performance and occasion based incentives in the

wage structure could prove to be a huge morale boost.


3. Give them room to grow:

Every employee has some “egoistic needs” which no amount of money can fulfil. These are met when they get a chance to lead their own group, maybe head a project or maybe a chance to explore new opportunities. An employee needs to recognize some scope for long term growth within the organization if he is ever going to be pleased with his current status.


4. Share positive feedback:

Everyone appreciates a pat on the back. When an employee finishes a task, give them some positive feedback. Maybe congratulate them in front of their peers or just mention their name along with their performance in front of another senior. This goes a long way in getting the employees to actually appreciate any task which they have been allotted.


5. Offer flexible scheduling:

Technology has enabled employees to work from wherever they are with no need to go sit at a desk every day. Employees must be provided with an opportunity to use modern science to their advantage and schedule their office timings as per the need. They could work from their homes, cafes or satellite offices and end up saving on commute time and effort. According to a Forbes study, 86% of the companies on its list of best companies to work at, offer flexible timings to their employees.

6. Offer food in the workplace:

Food is the key to a person’s heart. Healthy snacking is great for the mind as well as for the body and it should be encouraged. Having a pantry with some filling snacks is a must for corporates nowadays as no one can work well with hungry and frustrated employees.


Coworking is an opportunity for employers to provide a lot of amenities to their employees. Things such as comfortable seating, good ambience and stocked up cafeterias can really do their part in motivating an employee. Combining these with flexible timings and access to multiple spaces spread across the city’s business districts will give you a picture of everything we offer at CoKarya.


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