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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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CRM applications for Coworking Spaces

June 4, 2019


The price of manpower has been on the rise across the world and it is becoming increasingly difficult for large companies as well as commercial space operators to manage their office spaces in a cost effective manner.


The good thing about the modern world is that we have invented gadgets to simplify all of our tasks. Like any other business, the right technology can make running your office space much easier. If you have the right apps on hand, you’ll find it much easier to manage your space, keep your customers happy, and stay on top of your daily tasks. 

This blog is for people inspiring to open a coworking space and the apps listed below can prove immensely helpful:




Nexudus is a coworking space, management package. With this package, you get the ability to manage space payments through a variety of service providers, including PayPal and Stripe. It also has the capability to manage meeting room scheduling and other features.

Does your coworking space host events, or allow your clients to hold classes? Nexudus takes care of event registration too.



Slack is an exceptionally popular suite of tools that facilitates communicating. Not only is it popular among the freelancers and gig workers that often use coworking spaces, but it can also help you operate your coworking space. As a coworking space manager or owner, you communicate with your own team, contractors, business clients, and others. Slack can help you do this more efficiently, with little to no learning curve.


This is yet another option for managing membership, and back-office tasks for your coworking space. If you choose Coworkify, it will handle booking, sales and marketing, payments, and invoicing. You can even use the tool to create a front end for your website.


It takes a team to get a coworking space up and running and to keep one competitive. There’s always a new project underway to grow your business, and keep your ‘tenants’ happy. With Asana, you can keep all of these projects running smoothly, and effortlessly organize your workflows. 


This is a bit like AirBnB for coworking space owners. Rather than doing the legwork required to draw workers into your space, you simply register with Copass. You provide details about the type of workspace you provide, pricing, and whether or not you need to be contacted before a worker arrives. 


To make your space more attractive, you can add pictures. You may also leave information about special events you have in your space. 


When people want to use your space for a day or longer, they sign into their Copass account to make a reservation, check in, and make a payment. You can also charge workers separately for things like conference room rental or 3D printing.


CRM software is a boon in disguise for everyone who needs to run a large office space. Using this, companies can make automate the functioning of their offices to a great extent and keep track of the activities of their employees while enabling the employees to go about their work hassle free. CRM can also be used to enable smooth communications between various departments of a company which makes it easier for them to work together on a task.

In the modern corporate race, efficiency is the key to success and CRM softwares are designed to provide exactly that.

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