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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Merger of East and West

May 17, 2019


Coworking, as the name itself suggests, started out as a concept where people create professional office spaces which cater to a number of individuals working together even though they possibly have no other common ground. 

Coworking became a resounding success over the last decade. Modern day office goers found that working from these spaces offered a unique experience which was benefitial to their work.

According to us, the secret behind the success of this concept is very simple. Coworking spaces create the perfect blend of eastern and western cultures and it is almost as if they have merged the best qualities of both cultures. From the west, these spaces derive their corporate feel and modern concepts. Nowadays, coworking spaces offer extremely comfortable seating and a number of facilities ranging from a simple coffee machine to fitness centre without compromising on the professional environment which improves efficiency.

The concept of creating a community is something which seems to have been inspired from the East. Coworking spaces aim to create a community within themselves, where people from all sorts of fields come together and spend their day together. These spaces thrive when the members make an effort to help each other and connect on a personal or professional level.


At CoKarya, we believe that for a venture to be successful, it must be accepted across the globe and for that, it must incorporate both cultures. Keeping this in mind, CoKarya has stuck to the basics and created spaces which have all the latest office amenities and we try to make sure that our members get an opportunity to network amongst themselves.

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