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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Record calls for future reference!

May 9, 2019


People from every profession have to face one common thing - long phone calls with clients where they list out a number of requirements. Some of these might be important and some may be trivial but it is all a part of customer servicing. Making a good impression with every client is necessary. They shall only give you more work and send referrals your way if they find the customer service they receive to be professional and up to the mark.


Often, people have the tendency to forget certain things which might have been discussed over the phone. This might happen simply due to the sheer volume of information exchanged or maybe because you are momentarily distracted due to an event in your immediate surroundings.


It seems very unprofessional on your part if you ask a client to repeat something and you simply cannot afford to forget a task. Keep in mind that even if something seems trivial to you, it might be of importance to the client. For this, writing down notes has always been a recommended solution, but that is definitely not very efficient. Firstly, you might be on the move while having the conversation and you cannot possibly be writing down notes. Secondly, the speed at which one talks is approximately 150 words per minute, whereas we write at only 15 words a minute and type at approximately 75 words per minute. So you could not possibly note down all the important points.


Recording calls is a very effective solution to all of these problems. Simply download a call recorder app and feed all your clients into the list of contacts to be recorded or keep the settings on manual and you can tap a button during the call to start recording. This way, you can refer to the recording at any point in the future when you have set out to complete the tasks. Another way to not forget a conversation could be by summarising its important points in the form of a voice note immediately after the conversation. Whatsapp offers this feature and it can prove a very useful addition to the use of Whatsapp groups as to-do lists.


CoKarya believes that smooth operations are an essential element of great customer service and, as we know, satisfied customers are the key to a successful company. These blogs we come up with, aim to guide our members and everyone else as to how to use modern technology to improve the operational efficiency of businesses and professionals. 

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