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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Benefits various businesses derive from working out of Coworking spaces

April 26, 2019


Coworking spaces have prospered in recent years as society has realized that these spaces offer a wide range of features which benefits almost every form of business or professional service in some way or the other.


In this article, we write about the benefits which people from various industries can derive from working out of a coworking space!

1. Hospitality:
Hotel chains often have properties in the countryside or in completely secluded locations miles from the major cities. They need a presence in the closest metropolitan in order to have an operations base from where they can avail all kinds of professional help. For this, they opt for coworking spaces as they just need to seat one or two people and want to avoid the cumbersome task of maintaining a private office.

2. Lawyers:

Lawyers spend a lot of time in court but they need a comfortable office space nearby to spend the rest of the day. To meet this need, coworking could be a great option as the spaces are fully equipped to meet business needs and provide a suitable environment to meet clients with private cabins and conference rooms.

3. Logistics companies:

Logistics companies operating in the fields of shipping and trucking have to maintain some sort of a presence in multiple locations around the country wherever their vehicles deliver or load goods from.
For this, they can occupy coworking spaces, maybe even tie up with a brand which has a presence in multiple cities so as to provide a base from which their city-wise managers can supervise operations.

4. Taxi Operators:
Taxi operators of all types - right from the age old on-demand taxi services which tourists use to roam around a city to the modern app-cab companies such as Ola and Uber – use coworking spaces as it perfectly suits their needs. They need flexibility and equipment along with access to creative young minds all of which they can get easily in this modern office set-up.


These are only a part of the long list of businesses which can benefit from coworking. Watch out for part 2 of this blog to know about how the other major industries can benefit in similar ways.

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