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Coworking spaces have brought about a revolution in the field of office spaces with each space having its own set of unique features to make it stand apart from its competition. The creator of a coworking space tries their best to design the space with certain elements which can be used as selling points.

Listed below are a variety of elements that a coworking space or any other office could integrate in order to create something unconventional yet functional in their spaces:

1. Writable Glass and Laminates:
The concept of using writable glass and laminates as dividers and partitions across the office can be a big selling point as it will be much appreciated by the creative people such as designers as well as by teams discussing plans of action.


2. Adjustable desks:
Coworking spaces provide adjustable desks which can be converted to standing desks or sitting desks by adjusting their height. These even have wheels at time so that they can be movable desks at the consumer’s will. This will help boost productivity by providing the coworkers with a chance to stay active and avoid being drowsy.


3. Open Concept:
Coworking spaces have started going for open concept spaces with flexible seating, no cabins and plenty of collaborative opportunities for everyone.


4. Rustic Feel:
Nowadays, many spaces aim for a rustic or simple feel with brick walls, cemented flooring, plenty of sunlight and simple seating. It has become a major trend across office spaces worldwide.


5. Cooking areas:
Coworking spaces go for fully equipped kitchenettes with provisions to either cook your own food or get the chef to help you out.


CoKarya believes in constantly innovating across its coworking spaces and trying out design aspects which boost the productivity of people working there.

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