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June 24, 2019

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Rent vs Space Partner

March 11, 2019


You have a fifteen hundred square feet space in the heart of the city. It’s been lying vacant for days and all you’ve done is delayed the idea of utilizing it productively. Finally, one day you are motivated enough to get going, so you decide to prepare the space to rent it out. But then you give the space a visit and realize it is in tatters. There are cracks in the wall, the paint is wearing off and spider webs hang dangle from the roof. Lethargy sinks in again and you accept that the time and investment is not worth the rent that’ll accrue from the space.


For once, let’s say you invest your savings and refurbish the interiors. The space is in a habitable condition now and worthy of earning rent. Now comes the question of who can you give it to and how do you ensure safety, security and maintenance every day at the space. While it was closed down, the question of these added expenses did not arise. How do you spread the word out that the space is on rent? How do you carry out negotiations with prospective tenants and draft a comprehensive rental agreement? How do you hire security staff and maintenance personnel and ensure that they do their jobs regularly? Once given on rent, how do you ensure that the tenant does not cause the space any damage and pays his dues on time? If he doesn’t, what do you do?


A few months into renting the space, you realize that this wasn’t your cup of tea. The challenges involved in handling real estate are plenty. Hence, you see more and more land-owners turning to professionals to do it for them.


This is where CoKarya comes in. Interiors, management hassles, security, internet and pantry facilities and marketing- you name it and we’ve got you covered. Our coworking model is simple for space partners- all you need to do is provide us with a vacant space and leave the rest to us. Our six spaces that operate currently across Kolkata bear testimony to the effectiveness of this model. We will ensure that your property isn’t left unutilized and the regular revenue flow that results is sufficient to provide a healthy return on your investment!

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