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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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How Coworking helps you get a fresh perspective for your business

February 23, 2019


There comes a phase in every business’s life when it’s management is out of ideas regarding which streams to pursue in order to expand their work. In a situation like this, a fresh perspective as to the various aspects of a business can often be extremely helpful.

In the words of Denis Waitley – a best-selling author on business psychology-  an organization must look within itself for value but must look beyond for perspective.


Coworking provides a person with the perfect medium to get access to a whole variety of fresh perspectives and that too from people who come from a wide range of backgrounds.
Listed below are a few instances where one might obtain a fresh outlook and how is it helpful:


1. Client base:
Having a business conversation with another person may create a situation where one realizes that there is an entire segment of possible clients which they had never considered before.


2. Avenues for expansion:
There might be certain applications of a product which one manufactures which the management had not explored. An example can be the case of IBM. IBM used to focus on machines for scientific use but a librarian once told its founder that she wants computers for the library and this made him realize the potential applications as a business or a personal computer.


3. You might just start a new business:
Looking at your business with a fresh perspective can result in an idea for an entirely new industry. Something similar happened in the case of Henry Ford – the founder of Ford Motors. While witnessing the assembly line of a meat processing plant, he thought of its possible application in the assembly line of a car factory which led to the creation of a much more efficient and cost-effective process and benefited the entire industry.


Understanding that you can learn from others’ experiences is an integral part of becoming the best at what you do. Especially if you are new to a field, ask as many questions as possible from those who have more experience than you.


Running a business successfully is very challenging. It is very easy to get bogged down in the day to day running of the business and to have a limited perspective on your business and what is happening in the world around you. If you find yourself in this position, your business is likely to be struggling to get to where you want it to be. To move your business forward you will need to expand your horizons and gain a fresh perspective on your business. 

Usually, simple things like talking to your customers and suppliers, reviewing your competition and going to networking events helps a lot in expanding your thought process.


CoKarya believes in doing everything possible to help our clients in every way. We try to create an environment where everyone takes interest in each other’s work and helps them in whatever way possible. This way, if you are looking for new ideas then you can simply talk to your coworkers and maybe you stumble upon something with great potential. This is just another reason to choose coworking over a traditional office space, especially if you believe in constantly developing on new ideas and gathering as much knowledge as possible.

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