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June 24, 2019

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The best of both worlds

February 22, 2019


In recent times, coworking spaces have earned a name for themselves due to the innumerable benefits that are derived from working out of such shared spaces. Benefits like improved flexibility, cost effectiveness, networking with like-minded individuals, ease of access, etc. make it harder to overlook the various advantages that comes from embracing coworking spaces. However, there is one more side of the coin that needs to be addressed.


On the flip side, there are a few potential disadvantages that coworking spaces might have. Such shared offices might be costly at central locations, may get noisy with increase in the number of people, its members might lose time due to socializing and so on. However, owing to a few negative points, we cannot outweigh the advantages and do away with the idea of coworking spaces.


At CoKarya, we believe that a person should have the best of both worlds. We don’t want you stay with us forever! We would like nothing more than to see you graduate from our shared office space to a bigger office space of your own!


Private offices require huge investments, but the additional premium does come with varied benefits. The major advantages of having a private office are privacy, personal atmosphere, minimized distractions and interruptions, improved concentration and tidy appearance.


However, coworking spaces have unique advantages that traditional office spaces will never have. Based on this fact, we often suggest some of our clients, especially startups and freelancers, to maintain a healthy balance between working from a shared office space and working from a private office/home. For corporate clients as well, we recommend working out of both spaces when they are planning to expand or when the benefits of coworking spaces outweigh the disadvantages for both the owners and their employees. By opting such a dual strategy, they can eliminate the disadvantages of both spaces and derive their benefits to the fullest.


At CoKarya, we strive to achieve what’s best for you. Every member has a different story and a different journey. Our flexible plans meet the needs of all types of members, be it freelancers or well established companies. Furthermore, being located at six strategic locations throughout Kolkata gives us and our clients a unique advantage of operating at the city’s core business areas.

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