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June 24, 2019

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Healthy sleeping cycles

February 17, 2019


"Sleep is an investment in the energy one needs to effective the next day"


This said, most office going men and women fail to realize the importance of sleep. We often tend to compromise our sleep for any work we might have. Be it an extra assignment or a project deadline, the first thought which comes to your mind is to work late into the night and although this is necessary at times, there are ways in which you can make up for it.


Sleep and work performance are directly related. Sleep quality creates benefits for employee health, performance, and productivity.


There have been multiple studies recently in order to find suitable replacements for the traditional 8-hour sleep cycle as it is not the most feasible option.


Such studies have mostly concluded that "napping" three to four times a day for 20-30 minutes each can prove extremely effective after a 5-hour sleep at night. This is definitely worth a try for all those entrepreneurs and freelancers who have long, erratic working hours which do not allow a good night's sleep.


Coworking provides ample opportunities for its community members to be flexible with their sleep cycles.


Many coworking spaces provide enclosures where one can peacefully sleep and even if there is not a dedicated space, it is not unusual or socially awkward if someone chooses to take a power nap.


In fact, at a space like CoKarya, where we believe that health comes first, we often encourage coworkers to try out such practices. One could just put on their headphones, cover their face and simply zone out for some time only to wake up rejuvenated and ready to put in their 100 %.

The modern worker is always on the lookout for ways to maximize his potential without compromising on his personal life. A coworking space tries to provide the solution -  a modern work set-up where you can socialize, take a nap, and get work done to form the perfect work-life balance.

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