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June 24, 2019

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How Coworking is beneficial for employees?

February 15, 2019


Coworking spaces are gradually gaining popularity amongst corporates as the benefits derived from working out of a shared office space become clearer. Benefits like improved flexibility, cost effectiveness and ease of access make it harder for corporates to overlook the various advantages they get from embracing coworking spaces. However, these benefits are not just confined to the company but also trickle down to the employees!


In 2016, the coworking scale tipped, when a research conducted by Deskmag and GCUC revealed that employees of companies and not independent workers comprised the majority of people using the shared workspace. But why companies are allowing more employees this benefit is even more interesting. In ancillary markets or secondary cities, companies prefer to house their employees in a coworking space, rather than investing huge capital in fixed offices. Besides, from a recruitment, retention, and business strategy perspective, it’s clear that companies see a lot of inherent value in the coworking space trend.


Here are five reasons why a company should consider using coworking spaces for their employees:


1. Finding work to be more meaningful:

Unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces consist of various members from different industries and businesses. Due to this, there is little or no direct competition and internal politics. Working with different members from different work backgrounds helps one make their work identity stronger. By getting a chance to frequently describe what they do, the work seems to be more interesting and distinctive.


2. Less time on commute:

Sometimes the location of the office can be far off which can be mentally and financially stressful for employees. This leads to demotivation and lack of productivity. Coworking from a space closer to their residence can eliminate these negative consequences.


3. Empowerment and Sense of control:

Having flexible work options at a shared office space helps employees feel more in control of their work days and environment which often results in improved productivity and higher job satisfaction.


4. Proximity to clients:

Coworking spaces having multiple locations give you the ability to meet your clients at a professional setting rather than just a single office space. Further, having flexible work options can help you cater to your important clientele.


5. Improved focus and productivity:

Coworking spaces provide you with such an environment that helps improve focus and productivity. Coworking spaces allow creative collaborations, networking and also facilitate maintenance of a work/life balance.


It is a widely accepted concept that a business shall flourish when its employees are self-motivated. Coworking helps develop that motivation within an employee as it makes them realize that what they do, is of importance to the organization they work for.


CoKarya is spread across the city at multiple locations making it perfectly suitable for those corporates who want to branch out and send a team to a new location which might be needed for activities such as client management, employee recruitment or even client acquisition.

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