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June 24, 2019

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The choice of co-working space is a trade off

December 24, 2018


With the increase in awareness about the benefits of working in a co-working space, a lot of organizations and freelancers are considering to work out of shared office spaces. However, getting a shared space that has a centralized location at an affordable rate can be an arduous task.


Let us assume that Mr. Kariwal of Ahmadabad wants to hire a private cabin at a co-working space in Kolkata, for his local designing team. After viewing a list of suggested co-working spaces, he is faced with two options based on the location of the space. He can either hire a space which is located in the prime business areas of Kolkata (such as Dalhousie or Park Street), where he needs to pay an extra fee for accessibility, or he can hire a space far away from prime business locations of Kolkata (such as Sector V or Newtown) which will be less accessible but more budget friendly.


Hence, there is a trade-off that needs to be made between time and money while selecting the location from where you want to work out of. A cost-benefit analysis needs to be made to identify which option will suit the needs of your organization best. An organization or individual for whom time is crucial in comparison to paying a premium should consider hiring space at prime locations. However, for an amateur freelancer or a new start-up that can afford to spend time travelling to a far-off place, the logical option would be to opt for a space that has affordable rates. 


At CoKarya, we have solutions to all your problems. With up to six locations in Kolkata (AJC Bose Road, Park Street, Sector V, Kasba, Dalhousie) you have the flexibility of selecting any one of the locations as per your convenience.