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June 24, 2019

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Etiquettes of networking

December 15, 2018


A Co-working space has many benefits, most of which are pretty clear from the model itself. Arguably, the best amenity within a Co-working space is the opportunity to network and collaborate with others sharing the space.


While networking, one should make sure that they follow certain essential etiquettes and standards:


Bonding requires Patience:

Try to find a common ground or mutual acquaintance with the other person; do not just go about handing business cards. The best way for this is having someone introduce you as a person with common interests.


Keep your voice levels at a minimum:

Never approach a person with a loud voice or an over enthusiastic gesture. The person you are meeting is a stranger and the comfort level of every person is always different when it comes to first interactions.


Try to understand the unsaid:

If a person you talk to shows little interest in engaging in a particular topic, get the message and move on. Do not ask him multiple times in this regards as it will develop awkwardness in the office space.


Do not interrupt conversations:

This one goes without saying. And yet its importance can’t be overstated. If a person you plan on approaching is on the phone or engaged in a conversation do not interrupt them or even stand around awkwardly for it breaks concentration and irritates the person you are approaching.


As someone has rightly said, Networking is about cultivating relationships; it is about farming rather than hunting.