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June 24, 2019

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A flexible work culture is encouraged at CoKarya!

August 17, 2018

Want to enjoy a flexible working environment? Check out the services of CoKarya that offers flexible and affordable working spaces.


A co-working space gives you a different feeling from that of the regular office. CoKarya offers co-working spaces which means shared workspaces. They offer highly affordable deals and you can look for spaces that can give peace of mind. By opting for these spaces, you can enjoy dedicated place to work and improve productivity.


Shared workspace can give flexibility as well


CoKarya is synonymous with flexibility and this is the significant advantage of hiring spaces with the company. You can add up more space when you need it. The co-working space appears to be highly flexible and give assurance to accommodate employees when the company starts to grow. So, if you are enthusiastic about growing the business in a new location, you can simply communicate with CoKarya and look for a space on rent.

The concept of co-working appears to be highly useful as you can cut down on staff whenever you feel like. This gives you the flexibility to opt out the extra spaces, when not required. But, in case of regular office space, you will not be able to reduce the rent, even if the team is downsized.


Other flexibility offered by CoKarya

  • Complete support solutions: While being a part of CoKarya, it is possible that you get access to different resources that are completely out of your knowledge. But at certain point of time, you may need it to achieve the desired growth. In a shared space, the neighboring companies are also flexible enough to assist you in operations.

  • Increased network: The co-working culture gives you the flexibility to work with people from different professional backgrounds. You will be able to collaborate with various professionals and thus, can grow your business and increase the network.It’s obvious for every business to face ups and downs, and in the process, they might doubt their credibility at some point of time. On the other hand, working in a shared co-working space helps handle the frustrations even after experiencing failures.



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