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June 24, 2019

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CoKarya encourages workers to “Go Green” and save the environment

August 7, 2018

Why not take a part in the “Go Green” initiative? CoKarya gives you the opportunity to use different amenities and reduce the energy consumption.


CoKarya gives you the opportunity to work in a co-working environment. They offer environment friendly working environments, which is a suitable option for workers. The main objective of co-working space is to save the Earth and encourage the “go green” idea.


Workplaces are going green


The increased level of pollution and devastating change in climate are what we have encountered in the past few years. With the rise of global population, there is a continuous pressure on the availability of natural resources all over the world. Therefore, organizations have started adopting sustainable methods, and offer workspaces that are environment friendly and consume low energy.

CoKarya believes in the idea of “going green” and adopt environment friendly strategies which help the company to be socially responsible. CoKarya encourages the idea of reducing waste and improving efficiency by reducing pollution.


Boost up productivity by reducing pollution


With organizations following eco-friendly practices, it has helped improve the environment to a great extent. CoKarya adopts such technologies that help boost up productivity of workers. Supposedly, the company has now shifted to a digital platform where all the documents are saved on Cloud and this ensures easy access to every document.

The use of LED lighting also creates a positive effect on the employees’ health and ensures better psychological and physical conditions which can certainly affect the overall performance.


Reusing and recycling of different items 


Although we have heard of this concept millions of times, most of the companies fail to execute it. Quite exceptionally, CoKarya believes in improving sustainability and follows practices those help in that. But, how it is done? They follow certain practices that help reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy. These include avoiding unnecessary printing of emails or turning off the lights and AC units, when not in use. Quite often, the workers are encouraged to follow these practices as this helps them contribute to the well-being of the environment!



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