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June 24, 2019

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4 Leading Trends in Coworking 2018

April 20, 2018

 The 4 Leading Trends in Coworking that determine it's status in the year 2018.


Coworking is a concept that stands one step ahead of the traditional corporate set up. With the increase in the number of millennials entering the corporate world, coworking has established a strong footing worldwide and continues to grow globally.
4 leading trends that will affect the scenario of Coworking in the year 2018 are –


1. The entrance of the Corporate Giants –


The year 2017 saw the adoption of the “coworking mantra” by well known MNCs like Facebook, Cisco and IBM. Unlike, the initial trend shown by coworking facility that boasted mostly freelancers or startups is now taken over by established companies which are hiring shared office spaces for themselves to enjoy wider access to better-managed services.


2. The emergence of Sectioned Spaces –

When you walk into a coworking space, odds are you will encounter fellow workers who hail from all the walks of life. A single coworking floor can be filled with web designers, graphic designers, SEO experts, online tutors and more. But certain shared offices, especially rented by corporate giants get inhabited by employees who share the same nature of work. A hall solely dedicated to web designers, another floor where only the bloggers share desks, and so on. This facilitates enhanced work-based communication & learning.


3. Enhanced Ability to Adapt –


The trend that has become an integral part of every shared office facility is its ability to adapt. No matter how big or small the requirement might be, coworking establishments have adjusted themselves to it. The availability of their property is scalable, the resources they offer can be increased/decreased as per the requirement, the working hours can be regulated on a daily basis, and so on. And this unique feature of effortless adjustment will always remain to be one of the most striking features that a coworking space will continue to sport in the year 2018.


4. Availability of Health-Centered Amenities –

More and more coworking spaces are adopting the trend of offering creative recreational options to the hustling  millennials of today's age. Many popular shared offices like CoKarya offer special safety assurance to female members during working hours with uninterrupted CCTV surveillance. Other interesting features in coworking spaces throughout India include napping pods, yoga rooms,lounging areas that facilitate networking as the freelancers relax, and much more.By the year 2020, nearly 50% of the working class is predicted to be millennial, who invented, supported and reformed this concept will integral part of their everyday work-lives. Hence,coworking is definitely here to stay.

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