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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Women Safety Issues addressed by Coworking Spaces

April 6, 2018

 Are Coworking Spaces safe for working women? This article throws an analytical light on the effects of coworking on women security.


Coworking is a new work-place concept that has swept the corporate sector on a global basis on the grounds of innovation & convenience. Introduced by Brad Neuberg, coworking is essentially a step taken ahead in the sphere of freelancing & entrepreneurship. This progressive concept has brought forth cost-effective solutions for both men & women, but it is the women who can look forward to seeking wholesome benefits from the establishment of a coworking space nearby. Apart from being a place where working can be easy on your pocket, coworking spaces are emerging as some of the most secure grounds for women of the working sector in today's age. 


Prevalence of Gender Equality: Instances of gender parity are witnessed in innumerable places throughout the society. One of the results of progressive thinking, gender bias hardly exists in a coworking space. Each person who takes up a desk/room/hall stands at par with the rest of the working crowd inside. The owner of a coworking space holds each customer at an equal regard since all of them are treated as guests, irrespective of their gender. 


 Lesser Chances of (Sexual) Harassment: In a coworking environment, every individual you run into is a stranger or coworker. Yet, most of the coworkers are permanent. Mostly, employees show up on a daily/weekly basis, and interaction happens purely out of the will. No female is compelled to communicate with a fellow coworker on a work-basis since they don't work for the same firm. Hence, women have a wider spectrum of freedom over who she wants to associate with, minimizing the chances of harassment. 


A Fear-Free Environment: If any cases of harassment occur, women tend to find it easier to voice their grievances to the community manager – the person who owns/supervises the coworking space. The same cannot be guaranteed about women working in firms. They find it difficult to approach their bosses under the constant fear of adversity and lack of retribution. But the community manager has no vested interest over any individual whatsoever; hence, she always finds it easier to make herself heard without having to compromise with the security of her job. 


 Location-Oriented Choices: Unlike a regular firm, working in a coworking space lets women choose their own working location. This way, they can simply choose a coworking space nearest to their residence or convenience, so that they can drastically save on commuting time, money and feel a lot safer when their home is just around the corner. Thus, many women from remote areas are pouring into the coworking spaces near their homes to work for MNCs without having to travel long distances on an everyday basis. Cleary, coworking spaces turn out to be a lot safer and more preferable as a working hub than the confinements of a regular corporate cubicle for women. With almost non-existent chances gender bias, harassment or inconveniences, women can now enjoy access to the amenities of any standard office in a coworking space near to them. This helps the females maintain the standard of their work and be part of the competition to the moguls of the corporate world.



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