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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Are Shared Offices Breeding Grounds for Start-Ups?

March 12, 2018


Why are shared offices acting as breeding grounds for start-ups all over the globe? An extensive study regarding the potent reasons behind.


The Age of Computers


When the world was at the peak of digitization, it witnessed a gradual uproar in the number of “service-oriented” employees. But eventually, with the ingress of the monotony of being confined to the walls of a cubicle, more and more people started to venture out on their own, testing the grounds of entrepreneurship and freelancing.

The Challenges it Created

With the soils of industrialization still fresh and fertile, many jumped down the risky yet promising road to entrepreneurship. Though the venture involved numerous hazards, the biggest snake in the paradise in the life of every entrepreneur was the establishment of a standard corporate infrastructure. While you can have access to cheap & skilled manpower, innovative ideas &excellent leadership qualities, the inability to conjure up a decent working space alone can make you give up on the dreams of starting your own business venture.


The Solution that Came Up

Thankfully, with the invention of Coworking, having a start-up of their own was now a tangible dream for many. Coworking spaces were fully furnished working hubs that could be “rented” out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Improved Networking

Any entrepreneur can start with renting a single desk in any corner of the coworking space. Renting a single desk is ideal if you are a new entrepreneur searching for new recruits. Since the other desks/cabins/conference halls are rented by fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers and part-time workers like you, you will get access to a great chance of being able to reach out to them, bond over cups of coffee and talk about your goals, business aspirations, and requirements. You will encounter high chances of running into freelancers from all walks of life who would be willing to communicate and become a part of your venture.

Improved Atmosphere

Hire a private cabin in a coworking space where you and your small team can work together during the initial stages of your company development. Trust us. This is a much-needed progress from hanging out in cafes and discusses work or huddle up in your own room to cut maintenance costs. Renting a single cabin is ideal since you rent only a small chunk rather than an entire corporate space. You get access to printers, copiers, high-speed Wi-Fi, snacks, relaxing spaces and much more for free. This drastically cuts the maintenance cost. Also, working and planning out strategies in a standard environment offers a professional edge to your pursuit that can motivate your fellow workers.


Improved Professional Image

Coworking spaces let you rent out standard conference/meeting rooms where you can bring in your initial clients for official meetings. A fully furnished meeting room equipped with all of the standard amenities sets a positive impression on your initial clients. The well-established infrastructure of a coworking space lends an aura of trust and reliability to your company name – an extremely crucial element to earn during a young corporal stage.


Improved Flexibility

Trying out new business ideas within the confines of a coworking space is much safer than investing everything you have in building an office of your own. Whether you start with two employees or twelve, you can always book the coworking space in accordance with your present requirements. This way, if worse comes to worst, and you might have to give up, you will not be left with an extra pair of cubicles and desktops you had invested your money in. Similarly, if your start-up flourishes &requires more space, more desks, more electric furnishings, you can simply rent out a larger chunk of the space than you were paying for before.

Hence, owing to a number of benefits and conveniences, coworking spaces have served as potent breeding grounds for start-ups all over the globe. With minimal risks and increased chances of networking, there's evidently no looking back for the new-age entrepreneurs now.


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