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June 24, 2019

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Amplified Networking Opportunities in Shared Office Spaces

March 6, 2018

Explore how coworking spaces offer amplified networking opportunities to employees compared to traditional offices.

Coworking as a concept was born as a counteractive measure against the lack of and expensive corporate space within the towering walls of the MNCs. The herald of the 21st century witnessed the rising tide of the number of adept employees. With this, the tertiary sector faced a rampant shortage of working spaces, leaving many highly-abled millennia’s back at their respective homes. This was when coworking came to the rescue –


How the World Adapted

Numerous domestic living spaces were renovated as “makeshift” offices known as “Coworking Spaces”. Coworking is a concept where a normal, domestic space is turned into a workable office, equipped with all the basic amenities you get to access in normal corporate offices.


The Door to Enhanced Networking


A typical coworking space is equipped with facilities like Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, laptops, desks, private cabins, kitchenettes, relaxing lounges, napping pods, et cetera. However, the entire space doesn't belong to one single company. You can choose to take up a desk, connect with the community Wi-Fi, and enjoy in a working environment where aspiring entrepreneurs, bloggers, tutors, graphic designers, web developers, software developers, SEO experts and bloggers & so on walk in to take up their own share of space on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Networking opens Possibilities

Here, everyone hails from a different background yet share a common roof & amenities like
kitchen, recreation area, printers and so on. This facilitates knowing each other. Most of the times, you will run into people who are willing to expand the horizon of their networking. Their positive approach towards you and your work makes making friends easier. 


Networking Nurtures You

Contrary to a traditional corporate office, where there is a perpetual prevalence of the fierce  competition, finding genuine help in a coworking space is actually very easy. While everyone views you as a potent competition in your office, your rivals might hardly offer you a hand to complete that crucial project. However, if you are stuck in a dilemma or running out of  employees, in a coworking space, you will always find someone who is happy to fill in, throw a life-saving advice or connect you with just the guy you might need. This inevitably expands the spectrum of your networking at the end of the day. 


Networking without Barriers

Unlike a traditional office, where multiple strata of employees function together under one roof, communication often vanishes. The workers functioning in the lowest tier hardly get to  communicate with the top-tier rank holders in regular MNCs. A coworking space doesn't function on a hierarchical basis. Here, every customer who hires a portion of the working space stands on an equal footing with the rest of the employees and do not get segregated on the basis of their corporal status. Therefore, communication is never a problem within these walls. Making networking all the easier.

Networking earns Experience

Coworking spaces are always buzzing with entrepreneurs and freelancers, every person who  walks in, gets a chance to collect an immense amount of knowledge regarding the corporal adventures and experiences of fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs. A good listener will learn from their mistakes and emerge out from each pep talk session as a more inspired, smarter person, wary of all the possible mistakes s/he can skillfully avoid during his/her own
course. Therefore, having spent a fair amount of time in a coworking space helps you get
access to extremely amplified opportunities to network with just the right people in the sector, who always tend to be around.


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