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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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What makes a Coworking space so effective?

November 10, 2017


As they say working gets more effective & exciting when there are people around doing similar kind of work. That is where the concept of team comes from; it’s a human need to perform and to have someone around to see you perform. One needs critics, motivators, appreciators, enhancers and sometimes just a silentcrowd around them whilst they are accomplishing something. On one hand for some, simply working in a team & forcefully sharing their ideas never worked. On the other hand working solitarily or simply not being able to afford a team has been a de-motivator for many. Co working or sharing a workplace has emerged as a teeming term which has changed the whole idea of having individuals around you when you work in the present-day digital world. It has been a nursery to the contemporary startups to small business and often to larger teams. This rings a bell in our minds to what has been the contribution of these Co working hubs in the new age work cult. The idea of working with complete strangers around yet executing your own plan, making your creative nerves loose in unknown company does sound electrifying. These shared offices offer all kinds of flexibilities. They are designed to provide an environment where nothing is obligatory. In case one needs people to discuss their ideas with there are joint tables for such reformist conversations to take place. These also make up room for multiple talent needs of businesses under one roof & their synergies yet under different bands with no rigidity of sticking to that team for the entire project life. It has been found that an average employee achieves better whilst working at these shared spaces. These co-hubs create resilientdistinctiveness of the entrepreneurial ventures and the budding moguls have better opportunities for their job tuning.


Amongst various such emerging co-hubs in India a Kolkata based “shared space wonder” Cokarya with its team of creative marvels is hosting events, team meetings to enhance the essence of co-working concept and promoting new and young entrepreneurs by providing them a dynamic support system to thrive in. It is also providing bespoke solution to small to large businesses on their state of the art modern technology infrastructure support and innovative inclusions.



Photo credit: @e_ambursley

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