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Benefits of LinkedIn for Professionals

June 24, 2019

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Freelancing and shared office spaces : Match made in heaven

May 17, 2017

You 're a freelancer. You are your own boss. Master of your own time & destiny.


Still in your pajamas and armed with a cup of steaming coffee (never mind the mess that you created in the kitchen), you start your day with zest hoping to churn out your creative best.


Just as you are done browsing through the morning news and settling down to work, Ding Dong ! the maid is here. You get up silently cursing the timing of her entry. You quickly explain the chores to be done and return to your seat. Just as you are about to close your browser, an interesting video catches your eye. You see it is only 4 minutes long and decide to give it a shot. One video leads to another and before long it 12 o'clock. Shit! You decide to attack the most urgent assignment first. You are making great progress but suddenly your stomach begins to grumble - it's time for lunch.


By the time you return from lunch, it is 3 pm. You resume work but have lost the tempo.  You are feeling a little drowsy after the heavy lunch and bed looks tempting. Nothing like a 10 minute power nap you tell yourself. Five snoozes later when you finally wake up, it's already 5 pm. Most of the working day is gone, you have gotten very little work done and you are still in your pajamas!



Does this story sound familiar? Perhaps it has something to do with the various distractions that are part and parcel of working out home. At the same time, leasing a full fledged office space along with support services and administrative overheads too does not make financial sense.


This is why freelancers across the world are warming up to the idea of working out of shared office spaces. Coworking spaces / business centres as most shared offices are typically called offer flexibility both in terms of space and time period. The professional environment ensures that that a good work life balance is maintained and there are lesser distractions. Most importantly they supply the industry connect and support system that you lose when you quit your regular job. They serve as a platform to network and connect with varied people who could later become their clients, vendors, business partners and so on. At the same time co-working spaces benefit from the diversity, freshness of ideas and creativity that freelancers bring to the table and help in creating a vibrant community.


Today more and more people are choosing to be independent rather than go in for a typical job. In such an environment, shared office spaces and freelancers make for a truly symbiotic relationship.











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